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    My g/f wants some default background picture/wallpaper/screensaver for the treo. Anyone know of a program? I tried to explain that with a treo/palm you really don't want to do it because A) it would waste battery B) it'd be one extra step to get through to get to whatever program/menu you need to go to.

    Anyways, she doesn't care; you know how women are.
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    You have a few options here. You can use an app like Backdrop GC that allows you to install an image as a background screen, similar to wallpaper on desktop PCs. It allows you to run other applications while you have full control over which programs will display it. There are also various "Today" alternative similar to PPC's like Today and Facer from Pocketcraft. IMO Facer is a very cool app. These apps re-recreate the "Today" screen on PPC and you can skin them any way you want. However for backround images and etc, my favorite is Zlauncher which is by far the best launcher out there IMHO. You can use this launcher to customize teh look of your Treo almost anyway you want. There are literally tons of awesome looking skins for zlauncher that you can load as backround themes. The Treo screen doesn't really do it justice though...Just search for zlauncher on palmgear and you'll find numerous skins available...
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    I've been using a demo of XLauncher that I downloaded last fall. I haven't registered it because the lack of signal strength indicator bothers me.
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