I just got a Treo 300 and installed PCS Business Connection for wireless email (linked to my corporate desktop). At first, the Biz Conn was effectively "pushing" email to my device, apparently by having my desktop send an SMS to the Treo, causing it to wake up and sync the email automatically. I though that was as good as Blackberry!

Foolishly, I suppose, I installed Buttons-T to permit me to reassign some buttons, and so that opening the lid would not make the device go into the phone application. After that, the device was no longer waking up and syncing email automatically. I still got a buzz (i.e., vibrate or sound, depending on the mode), indicating that a new message had arrived, but the screen stayed dark, and the device no longer synced automatically.

I did a hard reset and completely reinstalled everything on my desktop and Treo, but that didn't fix the problem. Still not syncing automatically after the buzz. (So I'm not even sure if Buttons-T was really the cause: if it was, then maybe it permanently screwed something up despite a hard reset).

A friend says the automatic syncing started working on his Treo 300 after initially not working, so I'm hoping that mine just corrects itself. But any thoughts would be appreciated.

By the way, I've seen Treehugger's post at http://discussion.treocentral.com/t...s&pagenumber=2, but his solution did not work for me.