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    A nice article about the Palm purchase of Handspring and the future of the two companies, with a "weeks away" reference to the release date of the new Treo.

    Palm Grasps Handspring's Importance.
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    ...12 to 16 weeks aways, but weeks none the less. The device hasn't hit the FCC site yet, which is the clearest indicator of that a device's release may be iminant. .
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    I think we're all anticipating a release somewhere around September, still weeks is probably appropriate.

    On the more business side of the article. I would not underestimate the importance of the carrier relationships HS has spent the last couple years building.

    In this case, with established relationsips, the new Palm's size and business model may be a plus in the communicator market. I suspect the carriers know that they will get a much more attentive response from Palm than from Sony, Nokia, or whomever among the bigger cellphone manufacturers. That is just my opinion though.


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