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    Does anyone know where I could by replacement styli (I only want the stylus, not a pen) for a Treo300, other than from Handspring, which seems to charge like $8 for shipping and handling? Amazon is out of stock. Do BestBuy stores or other chains have them? does not. Do styli for the other Treo Communicators fit the Treo300? Thanks for any feedback.
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    Thanks, jposin. When I visited, I discovered that the 300 uses a different stylus from the other communicators. There is no replacement stylus at There are pen/styli, but no plain styli that fit the 300 there. I guess I'll have to order from Handspring, unless someone knows of a store (not online) that sells them.
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    Belkin also makes a replacement sylus for the 300...I found it at Microcenter. They also have it online:

    They only charge $5.99 for shipping.
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    You can buy packages of three at Staples.
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    Radio Shack has them too (three pack). I got some last month. If you want I can sell you one of my extra 2.

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