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    after almost one wonderful year (minus 2 days) the lid of my dear 180 machine broke all in a sudden! The shop (FNAC in Paris) refused to consider "this incident" as included in the guarantee and it was too late to check with sav handspring or to try any other solution!
    Did this terrible thing happen to someone?
    I had to buy a new 180 which I found on sale luckily!
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    this hasn't happened to me, but has happened to several ppl on this board.

    Call handspring if you can.
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    I posted some time ago that there is a company selling 180g bodies. If anyone else breaks their lid and are out of warranty, you could try this approach The Post...
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    I have the same problem here, going to ask handhelp what to do with another of the 'inner' problems of 180. this is my 5th injury for my device.

    in the meanwhile, have you found anything for the 180 (keyb) version?
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