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    I was wondering if anyone has found a good download for the yellow pages. I really only need the Chicago area, but figure that if someone has a good source for one city, they probably offer others. So far all I've found are the Indexonly City Guides. I also found some other nation-wide yellow pages, but it was designed for wireless Palm pdas (not Treos). Anyone have a good source?

    [Specifically, I really need it now as I just got a car with navigation (I'm ALWAYS lost), and you have to enter an exact address to get to where you want to go (I've had a lot of problems entering in intersections - don't ask). I'd love to be able to have the yellow pages integrated in my Treo, both to get addresses, and to dial the numbers. I have Vindigo, which is great for restaurants and bars, but not so great for other types of businesses. And it's too bad I can't "synch" my Treo to the mapping function on the navigation in my car.]

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    How about

    or if your using web clippings

    Directory assistant
    T750 w/Cingular
    Black Jawbone
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    Thanks for the suggestion, but I'm looking for something that I won't have to use the internet/data function on my Treo to access. Don't have a data plan with T-Mobile yet....

    Maybe I misunderstood when I went to the links you cited, but it looks like you'd put in a query, and it would connect to the internet to download your request, right?

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