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    I am just wondering how many have been lucky enough not to have any problems with their Treo? I keep on hearing the number of people who said they have to get a replacement from Sprint... so what is the flip side?
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    Originally posted by asianesq
    I am just wondering how many have been lucky enough not to have any problems with their Treo? I keep on hearing the number of people who said they have to get a replacement from Sprint... so what is the flip side?
    I took mine in cause I thought the battery was whack (apparently it was turbodrain problem, as my new office is underground and I don't have range). Anyways, it failed diagnostics (unreliable RF output or something). I got a refurb one, but it's better, the battery is newer, no scratches on the casing or screen, etc.
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    Yes, I still have my original unit from last fall. In truth I have not had any real trouble with it either. However, I do monitor this group regularly, and that often steers me away from potential problems.

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    Still got mine. No problems except a little case wear.
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    I have carried my original Treo for 8 months now. No problems except a wobbly hinge.
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    I still have mine from August 9 (9 am), which was the first day of the unofficial rollout. No problems yet with the hardware.
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    nope, just got a new improved hinge flip treo. Alot more sturdy and I think a little heftyer, but I won't even tell ya the story about what I went through to get it.

    Frank Goyette
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    Got mine in July (before PCS' 3G launched), still got it, and still using it faithfully.
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    I just had to replace mine two days ago. Started dropping in and out of coverage. Took it ti the local Sprint store on a thursday. They "tested" it and said it failed diagnostics. I had the insurance, but was told not to use it. They confirmed my billing address and on Monday, a new to me refurb shoed up, no charge. I was pleased
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    Yeah, still have mine from when the Treo 300 first came out and I still love it!
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    I purchased my Treo 300 last August and just last weekend had to bring it in for repair because the hinge broke (on the right side). Sprint tried to have me contact the 3rd party insurance provider but I insisted that it was simply wear and tear. They set me up to get a new one which arrived in 2 days via UPS from the wharehouse. This flip is much more solid.
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    I am still using my original 300. Paint is scratched but it is completely functional
    I hate it when somebody has a cooler
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    got mine last august. the case is a bit rough around the edges, but it still works great!
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    iok im so mad... all i did was open the treo and the hinge broke... I called *2 and they told me I had to go to a sprint store grr they are closed til monday...what do I tell them? the hinge was wobbly when I first got it in oct. please help
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    For those that have refurbished units, is the build really better than the first Treos?
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    I got a referb unit a couple of weeks ago do to the speaker on my phone cutting in and out. The new unit seems better, but I won't know until some time has past. Looks and feels new! The flip feels better, so I'm hoping it will live long.
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    I have my original (Dec 2002) Treo 300, no problems except that the car charger sticks when being removed. How do you tell what version of Treo 300 you have?
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    I just got mine at the end of May.

    BUT, I went through 4 Treo 180s before we moved to the Dallas area and signed up with Sprint (Cingular in Dallas isn't GPRS).

    So, we'll see. It certainly feels a little more solid than my 180 (because there's no sim card door on the back is part of the reason).

    And, I can't believe the difference that color makes (especailly with Datebook5 and Outlook).

    IBM Workpad-->Visor Deluxe-->Visor Platinum-->Treo 180-->Treo 300-->Treo 600-->Centro
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    I'm on treo 300 #4
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    I've had mine since August and its chugging away GREAT!!!

    Here is a summary

    Damages inflicted:

    - Dropped on CEMENT 4 times

    - Dropped on a wooden floor 3 times

    - Misc droppings account for 3 more times


    - yellowish stuff on the corner of the screen, but not affecting the colors of the LCD or anything

    - a darkish spot in the middle of the screen that develops, only when I have a conversation that exceeds an hour

    - TONS of paint treo is now half silver and half off-white

    otherwise, I'm VERY happy! I keep this thing in my pant pocket all the time and it gets HEAVILY abused --- this is the first cell phone that I haven't had to previous victims include two Nokias and an LG
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