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    Mines is refurbed and it seems that the hinge on the flip is alot sturdier.
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    Would likely still be on my first unit if I had bought a USB Charging Cradle from the get-go.

    I got a brand new replacement unit (one of the last few available from Circuit City before they stopped carrying Sprint), so I can't comment on the refurb question.
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    Originally posted by HasanDaddy
    I've had mine since August and its chugging away GREAT!!!

    Here is a summary

    Damages inflicted:

    - Dropped on CEMENT 4 times

    - Dropped on a wooden floor 3 times

    - Misc droppings account for 3 more times

    Mine is only a month old and is a new refurb bought on Ebay for $150. I keep phone in my pocket with no case. I have a lanyard on the phone which I habitually wrap around my fingers before I open the lid. The phone has fallen out of my hand many times but saved from hitting the deck by the lanyard everytime. I don't understand why most phones don't come with lanyards.
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    Ordered it from Handspring First day they anounced sales. Still works great, but hoping the 600 solves some of my futher needs.
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    Yes, I do....but ironically my flip cover just broke yesterday!

    My ERP phone should be here by Tues/Wed.
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    have a stronger hinge -- feels like they used a thicker support rod than the one in those "wobbly" joints. In addition, my screen was brighter too -- not that I cared, and it may even cost me slightly in battery life.

    Took me a second Sprint store for them to freely replace mine, so as they say, YMMV if you ever have to return yours.

    3 months and ticking til the end of my first year[warranty!].
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    I had to get mine replaced twice-the first time because the wire between the body and the speaker broke and the second time because the place where you put the charger in broke, and I couln't charge it.
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    On my 3rd Treo. Just got my replacement today from Sprint. Had the CC replacement plan on the original Treo and they accused me of dropping the phone when the hinge broke. Sprint stepped up to the plate both times for the same problem on both the original phone and their replacement. The reps knew about the hinge breaking problem and it took 30 seconds for them to order me a new phone which arrived by Express UPS in 2 days both times.
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    Treo #5 and trading it out tomorrow for another because of a bad battery. I'm trying to get someone at Sprint to commit to giving me another brand smart phone, but it is like pulling teeth. IMO, $500 is too much to pay for a device that tears up once a month (I've been a Treo owner for less than six months).

    This device is great in theory, but should have never made it to market with all of it's problems. Handspring/Sprint owe me BIG!!!

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    What is a lanyard?
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    Okay, where are all the old timers on this board?! Hmm.. I've had my T300 since around Feb 2003, so does that qualify me as a old foggie or what?
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    ive had mine for a long time, and even though its been dropped a lot on sidewalks, tiles, and desks, besides ONE scratch its fine...actually i don't see how people are breaking their lids...
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    Treo 300 #6 is coming on Tuesday from Sprint!
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    Originally posted by skfny
    For those that have refurbished units, is the build really better than the first Treos?
    I've found refub units to be MUCH better than the Oct/Nov units. Clearer speaker and more solid construction. Of course, I still keep replacing them every few months, but the build quality's slowly getting better.
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    I am on my 7th Treo. I got my first on in October of 2002.

    The first one was replaced because the keyboard stopped working. I had no problems with Sprint giving me a new one.

    Every one since has been because the hinge broke on the lid.
    I had a lot of problems getting Sprint to replace it. I ended up going to 3 different stores. I finally found a "Super Center" where they replaced it with only a couple questions. Since then I always go to the same store. I tell them the same thing each time, "There is a small crack that starts on the inside of the lid and it keeps getting larger after that and finally the lid breaks in about 2 weeks."

    On the last replacement they offered to give me a Samsung I-330 instead of another replacement, but I have used them and really use the keyboard.

    P.S. One of my co-workers had a problem with their phone as well (an I-330) and tried taking it to a couple stores without any luck. They earphone jack stopped working but they kept telling him it was not covered. I told him to go to the same "super store" I have been going to and he got a brand new replacement right then and there.
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    On my third treo. Mainly because of hinge breakage. I guess i hold it up to my face to hard. This time however I use the earpiece almost exclusively so there should be less of a problem.

    the first time I used the insurance but the second time I complained to Sprint and they replaced it for free because it was still under warranty. Apparantly the warranty is one year from whenever you get the phone even the replacement ones.
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    I still have my first treo from Oct 2002.

    The case is missing about 10% of its paint, and i had to take a dremel tool to it to round off the corners of the flipcover stopper (to prevent the flip from cracking). But it's been functioning just fine since day 1.
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    My original 300 from fall of 2002 lasted through probably 6 - 8 falls onto various surfaces (including concrete) and an untold number of minor bumps. The only damage was VERY minor cosmetic scrapes on the corners. Expereinced LOTS of paint flaking on the back though.

    Unfortunatley, it wasn't capable of fully surviving a 70+ mph fall from a moving motorcycle.

    No screen cracks, but the flip seperated from the body and broke into a coupla pieces. (I actually had more than what's pictured here, but seem to have lost some of the junk.) It still functions fine as a Palm and as a phone when using the earbud headset.
    It's sorta hard to see in the pic but the corners have pretty good road rash and the stylus has decent gouge outta the plastic top. I'm lucky it slid into the median of the highway and that I was actually able to find it when I backtracked.

    Just got a replacement from lock/line and am (despite my statements of about a week ago) about to upgrade that one to a 600.

    (hopefully my image attachement comes through)
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