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    Synopsis: I have a bad Treo; it won't charge at all. I wasn't able to replace it using the CircuitCity warranty that I bought, because theyhave discontinued them and none of the stores had them in stock.

    Failing that, I went to a Sprint store, because Sprint handles warranty repairs for these. They said that yes, they could replace it under warranty (since it was only a week old), but that I couldn't get a new one immediately-- it would be shipped to me and would arrive in 2-3 days.

    Here's the looney part: They told me that if I activate another phone on the account before they ship the replacement, I won't be able to get warranty service. I can only get service if the broken phone is currently activated. (I don't know if this is true or not, but the clerk at the store told me this several times, and her manager seemed to back her up on it.)

    Translation: your phone is broken, you're screwed, and we're going to bend over backward to make your life miserable. And no, you can't have any sort of working Sprint phone until we give you a new one.

    I'm currently using a tri-band GSM phone with a prepaid Cingular SIM. My voicemail on the Sprint line says, "Due to Sprint's incompetence..."

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    I had a siilar situation where my treo had broke and I had to jump through hoops and dodge obstacles to get it replaced with Sprint.

    The irony was minutes before my phone was approved to be replaced a sales person was having a talk with me. I explained that I was upset that I paid $499 for it in the Sprint store when Amazon and Microcenter had it for $250 w/o acivation, and Best Buy had it for like $350. He said, yeah but places like Best Buy make you wait weeks for replacements, we get you a replacement in the store and it's all done. I said, ok well good cause I need a replacement now.

    Then they tell me I'm SOL and have to wait for a new part and that I can't temporarily activate a cheaper phone.

    Anyways, I called Sprint CS and complained that I was pissed that I was out of a phone for like a week. They had no hesitation in giving me a free month of service, I recommend you do the same thing.
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    I've had my Treo300 replaced 2x - once for a dead battery & once when I ran over it w/a golf cart & broke the screen (sorta looked cool tho -- great blues, purples & yellows). Both times Sprint told me it would take 2-3 days -- I got my new fone the next, both times. I called on my old fone & got the new one up, hot synched & was out the door in less than 5 minutes. Make sure you back up your database in a different location, just in case. BTW - since your 300 is new, make them give you a new one in the box, not a recon. one. You may have to call Sprint direct -- it worked for me (you may need to tell them the Sprint Store wasn't very cooperative and, besides, it's too far away). Good luck.
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    Yeah, I've found Sprint customer service to be lacking across the board. We have a major account with them, and I have the luxury of having a business rep who thinks I walk on water (technically, I do this week, because the d**n sprinkler system is broken here at the office--but that's not Sprint's fault, I don't think...). She called this less-than-cooperative store manager and asked him to replace my phone. They did do this.


    The reconditioned Treos are coming back with the latest firmware (one of my colleagues got ROM151), hardware and testing. This is something that the newer boxed Treos may not have. So just because you're not getting the new one in the box does not mean that the reconditioned Treo won't work for you--and in some cases, you may be better off.

    I've been through 5 Treos. The best ones I had (initially) were the ones that were reconditioned.

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