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    How to you get Doc to Go to recognize the memory card? The help file says to change the category and the card will be listed (similar to wordsmith I assume). But it doesn't list it. Is this a limitation of the trial version?

    I'm trying to decide Doc to Go vs. QuickOffice. If you have an opinion between the 2 please share

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    OK... change of direction for this post...

    after playing a little bit and reading more I decided D2G wasn't as good as QO. Now I'm trying to decide is QuickWord is better than WordSmith (which I already own).

    In QuickWord it seems the onscreen keyboard only works for the current line if you have multiple fonts. I'm playing with fonts and have a document with 3 lines, each with a different font. When I click the onscreen keyboard all I get is the current line - I can't change lines. Is this normal? I have a Visor Neo.

    I'm starting to think WordSmith is staying and I'll just get another spreadsheet program. But I'd like to know about this keyboard issue with QuickWord cuz it's strange.


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