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    Here's something I haven't been able to reconcile. I'm wondering if it is a Sprint problem or a Handspring problem.

    I handle the European accounts for my division, so I'd say about 75% of the numbers in my phone are international. I just got my Treo 300 about a month ago and synched up my contacts from my previous palm. Anyway, all of my international numbers already had "+" in front of the numbers in my palm. When I try to dial those numbers as is, I get sent straight to a message saying "The number or code you dialed is incorrect. Please check your number and dial again." If I throw a "011" (International dialing prefix) in front, the call goes through without any problem.

    I figured I would have to go through all my contacts and change the +'s to 011's. However, when I was playing with my dial preferences last night (:menu: Z from the contacts application), I clicked on information icon in the top right hand corner to read through everything. At the bottom of the tips page, it says "The use of '+' at the beginning of a number as a shorthand for international dialing is supported for all countries."

    Is there something I'm doing wrong? Any feedback on this issue would be helpful.

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    I have the same problem and would love to find an answer. Any knowledgeable international dialers out there?
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    The bad news is that CDMA networks do not support the + symbol for international dialing. You will have to reformat the numbers to remove the + symbols. Use 011 instead.

    I don't know of any way to do a search and replace across the contacts DB file but maybe someone else out there has a creative solution. Perhaps it can be done in Palm desktop or in Outlook?
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    If you need to search and replace all your + entries in your contacts, AddressPro has the answer. This works on the exact same address book that is built in to the Treo - it just presents it in a different format.

    1. Install the app (get it at PalmGear or ZingWare)
    2. Launch the app
    3. Click the find button on the bottom of the interface
    4. Set the find string to +
    5. Set the search field to all or if you prefer you will have to do your phone fields one by one
    6. Set the replace string to 011
    7. You should probably turn off 'Verify each replace action' if you want to do this quickly.
    8. Hit Go!

    PS I did not do this myself so I cannot 100% verify this solution. HotSync before you try it to ensure you have a fresh backup of your addresses.

    PSS If you keep AddressPro and use it to do things like sort by company, your quick lookup features will break entirely on Treo. AddressPro overwrites the Contacts sorting index which is used to do lookup. Go to the Treos Contacts and open the Options | Preferences. Tell the Treo to sort by whatever option is not selected and then switch back to the correct option. This will resort your contacts and fix the problem. Silly annoyance Zingware.

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