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    I have been using my treo 300 for a couple of months, this forum is a great source of info. My question is when I push the blue button and a hard button it activates a different program or function. Is there a way to change what is activated? I have looked in preferences and cannot see a way to do it. Also I have seen people talking about a program that dials numbers that you may have in your palm programs (databases, spreadsheets) any thoughts?
    Thanks for the help.
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    Go to Preferences.
    Use the pull down menu top right and look for Buttons/Buttons 2. One of these will allow you to modify the blue button/function key settings (and also the lid flip setting).
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    I only have buttons on preferences no button2.
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    Do you have aButtons-T or treobutton?
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    I have a blue shift button on a treo 300.
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    In order for you to be able to assign the "shift" blue key and the hard keys to different apps you you must install either Buttons-T or TreoButtons.


    T750 w/Cingular
    Black Jawbone
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    Thanks that works.

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