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    Suddenly I can only hotsync once per boot. After my hotsync I get an error on my Treo saying communication is not working. This is using the USB cable. I've tried reinstalling the treo driver and using a different USB port.

    Has anyone else seen this problem? It's not a huge deal, but it's quite annoying that everytime I want to hotsync I have to reboot.

    Comp Config

    Intel P4
    Intel 845pe chipset (usb 2.0 compat) (Abit IT7 Max)
    WinXP Sp1

    Are there any patches that can fix this (no USB patches available for my motherboard or chipset).
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    Through the weirdest three hours of troubleshooting I found out the problem is with my Creative Remote Center (for my Audigy's Live Drive).

    Anyways, it takes about a minute after startup for that to load, and that's when I could get my one hot-sync in. As soon as it loads it's a no go.

    What's strange is there's no USB associated with it, and I had the live drive forever and this problem only recently came alive.

    Anyways, I don't need it in startup so I went to manual startup for the remote center.

    Anyone having XP sync problems, I'd definitely try shutting down all startup programs and then give it a try.

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