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    I just bought Ringo as a ringtones manager to use on my Treo 300. Along with it I purchased a package of 300 Rap and R&B polyphonic ringtones from the website (which I consider to be a reputable source for buying software from). I loaded Ringo and the ringtones onto my Treo and Ringo seems to work fine and I can preview the ringtones, but only in the music tab of Ringo. When I try to bring ringtones into my Personal ringtones, the only ones that I can preview in the personal ringtones are the one part ringtones. The polyphonic ringtones make no soun when I try to preview them. Is this a problem withRingo, Treo, or the ringtones that I purchased. I tend to think it is a problem with the Ringtones software since I can preview the polyphonic ringtones on Treo, otherwise. If anyboy has an answer to my problem an knows how to get imported polyphonic ringtones to be correctly assigned to different phone numbers in Treo using Ringo (or any other way) let me know.

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    Get TC Ringer from this website.

    I have it and loaded in 600 poly ingtones and no probs
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    i agree that tcringer is much more stable than ringo. first of all, ringo uses hacks and tends to have mucho conflicts with other programs that use hacks. second, tcringer strictly limits the ringtones it will work with to those lengths and file sizes specified by handspring. ringo tries to use any and all polyphonic files...
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