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    Hello folks,
    Ran a couple of searches but came up dry:

    I currently own a tungsten t that I have been trying to use to connect to my local lan (dsl w/router). As many of you probably know it is no easy task, apperantly there is a bug in the TT network software that won't allow it to reliably connect, not to mention that now for the 4th time the silly thing reboots everytime try to connect. So, I have always liked the treo 90 (I also have a 180) and was wondering if it supported bluetooth expansion cards? See where I am headed -> Treo 90 w/ sd bluetooth connected to home lan as well as connect to my other bluetooth phone (nokia 3650). Has anyone tried this? does it work? All feedback appreaciated.


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    Palm has a free patch for the Tungsten T that solves that network lockup problem.

    The Treo 90 works just fine browsing via Bluetooth. I have my laptop set up to share a connection and I have few problems. I really don't use it much for browsing, as my laptop is only a few feet away, but it is handy for Hotsync and Email.

    I have always had a problem with Blazer via bluetooth (it always locks up) and Palm VNC. Most other Internet enabled programs work fine.
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    Thanks for the input. I will try the TT patch first.


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