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    When I load up blazer and go to a web page - for example, then scores, it will only go the last page I viewed (the one in cache). It will not look for the newest page. So for example, I had not checked baseball scores in a week, and when I went to check last night it took me to last weeks scores. I had to navigate through each day to get to that day's scores. SO, DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO GET BLAZER TO LOOK FOR THE NEWEST PAGE EVERY TIME U VISIT A PAGE? This is a standard feature on IE-->TOOLS--> INTERNET OPTIONS; to check for newer versions of cached pages on every visit. Can anyone help with this??? THANKS!
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    You can set your cache to zero K in prefrences, so it has to refresh each time, but what I do is load the page, (the old scores come up), and then I hit the "refresh page" shortcut, which is the /r combination. Works on the sports pages I visit every time.

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    Some time ago, after reading the suggestion here, I set the Blazer cache to zero. I find the program just works faster in general that way. I have never gone back to using the cache. Try it - you'll like it.

    Also, if I am not connected to vision and I bring up Blazer, I have it set to automatically connect. Works great.
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    The cache will help you for most sites. I set it as high as I am willing to give up memory. When you come to the occasional site that only returns the cache rather than pulling down the new page just hit the Refresh button. Two keystrokes. Menu button and R

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