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    Hi. I have been a Visor user since 98 or 99. Now it may be time to switch to a Treo (consolidate to one machine).

    I have an ATT GSM phone (Siemens S46-- both GSM and TDMA). I want to keep my ATT service and phone number.

    Could I just buy a 270 and put in my ATT SIM card to use the 270 as a GSM phone? And for the times when I am in a TDMA-only area, put the SIM card back in the Siemens phone?

    Or is it more complicated (I've heard about "locked and unlocked" phones, but don't know what that means).

    And where would I get a (not too expensive) Treo 270? I don't want to buy a new one with T-Mobile service, since I want to keep my ATT service.

    Or maybe just get an ATT Pocket PC phone (would rather not....)

    Thanks for the ideas.

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    You would want an unlocked phone.

    Locked mean you at the mercy of the carrier you bought it from to unlock it so that you can use it on another carrier.

    Try ebay for deals.
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    I paid $360 for a used Treo 270, which I use with Cingular in S. Calif. It was the owner's fourth replacement unit! Handspring (he spoke to Dubinski, the president or CEO, I'm not sure what her title is) who assured him that they would replace this fourth replacement for up to a year. I have in writing that even as second owner, I can get this unit replaced for a period up to one year from the time the seller received it. It has worked flawlessly. Compared to my Treo 180 the color, the backlit buttons make this a better device. I think I've owned it about 4 months. Earlier I had a Palm VII and a cell phone that was too heavy to carry in a pocket. Now I have both, with 500 minutes anywhere in the U.S. for a little over $50 a month, which is a monthly fee that is less than the combination of the Palm VII and phone fees.
    If you buy a used one, the tricky part is to get one of the more recently manufactured ones, as there were some outrageous quality issues with the 270 in the early months.
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    I love my Treo 270, I recently bought it unlocked on eBay for about $440. It doesn't have any carrier markings on it.

    I had no trouble switching my plan/service from AT&T TDMA to AT&T GSM (this is my first GSM unit), though I'm not getting a voicemail message waiting icon ... see the thread on this - hope the link works:

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