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    Is anyone aware of an internal or externall antenna for the Treo 300? I am very happy with the phone except that it rarely works in my house. Please tell me someone has a suggestion.
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    Are you referring to some type accessory to extend the external antenna? Unfortunately of never heard of such a thing. I know you can get those cellphone boosters, but I have never used them with the Treo. Also another problem with those boosters is that there is no removeable battery on the Treo to hide the thing, so I wouldn't know where to even stick the thing on the Treo...
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    I know you can get those cellphone boosters...
    A fool and their money... Take it from a ham radio op - sticking a little etched copper on your cell phone ain't gonna do nothin for your reception. 73's!
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    Originally posted by TreoCoder

    A fool and their money... !
    Let me repeat! I explicitly stated that I have never used it with my Treo! There simply is no need for insults...
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    Your best bet is something like this, There are other, more expensive models on this site but the above would normally get you through. Not that you want to spend $500 for your house but it will boost your signal beyond what you probably need depending on the size of your house. If the standard whip antenna doesn't do it, buy the directional panel antenna and aim it at the tower, where ever it is. The panel works like a yagi antenna.

    Depending on what your needs are, you might ask these guys if they make a cable that plugs into the back of the Treo and the other end is hooked to an external antenna. The issue I have with this method is that you are basically tethered to one spot in your house. You can only move as far as the the antenna cable will allow. It's a much cheaper solution than the $500 repeater you'll throw on your roof.
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    Sorry if you inferred I was calling you a fool - I understood that you didn't have one. I was simply trying to keep folks from wasting their cash
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    Some in-car kits use external antennas attached to the test port of the Treo 300. The test port is behind the round rubber bung on the rear of the Treo 300. Perhaps running an in-car kit with an externally mounted antenna in your house would solve the problem. Still this means you have to be attached to a wire. The repeater is still probably the best solution. That or suffer with analog coverage.

    Some example antennae
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    Thanks all. It sounds like I am going to have to suffer until Sprint puts up a new tower in my area. It's crazy. Im just of Capitol Hill in Washington DC. Is there a way to at least stop the wirless mode from turning off completely. It seems to do this I guess after searching for a signal to no avail. Then I look up and I have missed 5 calls when it turn it back on.

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