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    All afternoon (Thurs), I have been unable to connect to the data side, here in the Dallas area (actually a suburb north of the airport). My usual tactics of soft reset/power off and on have not worked. At all. Same blasted response - "the network is busy, unavailable, or data is not enabled". And earlier today, all was working well. And to further define irony, I had been thinking over the last couple of days, "Gee, my data connections have sure been better lately". That's what I get, I suppose.
    Anyone else in the Dallas area, or anywhere else for that matter having a recurrence of this, today? Just wondering if it's my local tower, or perhaps a larger network issue....(end of rant)
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    I am getting the same message here in southwest Fort Worth.
    By the way, changing my primary and secondary HA solved my earlier sign-in error.

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    thought it was to good to be true i am anew treo user of 4 weeks and up until today data connection has been close to fllawless
    all afternoo been getting same message but fixed now
    hope this not going to be a regular occurance coz I rely on this puppy everyday I find a new piece of software or connection method
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    I got the error message from Ardmore to DFW. I couldn't get connected at all. (Just an FYI I was not driving). It is not a single tower issue. I'm sitting in DFW and still can't get connected. (However Boingo is working great)

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    that this is a known problem, since around 1pm today, in the overall North Texas area. It's also affecting my voice mail access as well. Of course, they have the best folks working on it as we speak. uh huh.

    At least I'm not having any missed calls due to my being connected on the data side. Have to find a silver lining somewhere...
    (they tell me no idea as to when it might be fixed)
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    Same here in round rock, tx. At the moment, I'm not able to connect to the network at all. If it continues I may try to return it to circuit city and get a tungsten C which I have been salivating over. I quit smoking a on 5-16 and now have an extra pocket.
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    (posting via the Treo) seems like they've fixed it, but it comes and goes. The voice mail side began workig again a little earlier, and now the data is better - comes and goes tho. I sure hope this was a one-time experience, at least as far as a sustained data outage...
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    Originally posted by drw
    I quit smoking a on 5-16 and now have an extra pocket.
    Not to mention money to spend on gadgets. Congrats!
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    If you think Sprint is bad, try AT&T's GSM/GPRS stuff. Expensive and worse. Sprint will eventually get their act together. I'm going to give one of their engineers a call. I live in Dallas noticed the problem yesterday as well.

    Wait for the Samsung SPH-i500. It is what you want
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    Slightly off topic, but:

    At home, in Southern CT I can pretty consistently log in to Vision on 1st or 2nd try - probably 60 % on 1st try, 35 % on 2nd.

    In April, I spent a week in the Palm Beach, FL area. First try was probably 2%. Usually took at least three tries and sometimes 10 or more. Tried turning off and on wireless mode, tried resets. Nearly always made a connection eventually but is was painful.

    Why does it work with such a high degree of success in CT and a horrible result in that part of Florida? How about other parts of the U.S.?

    And, of course, I need to use Vision for email and other sites much more often when I travel than when I am close to home!
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    Sorry I didn't see this earlier. Some of these areas mentioned are known issues and are being worked on. I was recently in FL and Dallas having he same issue on multiple devices, not just my Treo. If it makes you feel any better I've been submitting these threads to the appropiate local techies as more proof of issues in their area.
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    This kind of thing happens every so often. I am a all-too-frequent flier, and therefore get to play with my Treo in several locales per month. Last time I had a peristent connection issue (0x0112 or whatever the error is), I was in Atlanta, and also had voice mail issues. That was 4-5 months ago, IIRC. Haven't had it since, and I have never had it here in Tampa. Just came back from Salt Lake City, UT (and connected in Minneapolis) and had no problems. Back 6-8 months ago it was AWFUL, but now the outages are the rare exception rather than the rule. YMMV, but that's my experience.
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    It usually takes me 2 times to connect to the network to get on the web. My overall experience with the Treo 300 and Vision has been good over the past 6 months. I'm an extremely heavy user. I make all my phone calls via Vision and surf the Internet extensively(at least 90 minutes a day) since I'm often away from my PC. My car charger has been a real life saver.

    Handspring needs to resolve the memory leak problem on its next Treo and put in a SD slot.

    I'm surfing the web via Blazer much faster than 56K. I find that the Sprint Network has improved quite a bit here over the past few months. There were alot of people (some very influential) who got really upset at Sprint for the connection problems that took place last fall. I guess that paid off.

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