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    The combo of my Treo 300 + Freespeak + Proclip holder is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

    The only downside seems to be the battery life of the freespeak (which is very annoying).

    So, for those of you using the non-bluetooth version, how do you "store" yours? At present I just plug it into the multi adapter as recommended, but I think that leave the headset on standby and the charge drifts away. So, do you turn the headset off and then plug it in? Or so you just "give up" and charge it daily?

    Thanks for the input,

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    It was my understanding that the Freespeak is always in a standby mode until you push the phone button. Pushing the button makes it active and you hear the ascending beeps. Pushing it again goes back to standby with the decending beeps.
    The claimed charge time is 96 hours (without any use, I'm sure).
    If you use it alot, nightly charging would probably be best.

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    I throw mine on the charger every night just to top it off but generally I've never had any low battery issues. When I'm not using the headset in the car I always turn it completely off (not leaving it in standby) and put it in the adapter so that the adapter is also off. If you leave the headset in standby in or out of the adapter it is still using the battery.
    I also picked up a car charger for the freespeak just in case I ever do need to charge it up.

    Oh my, just noticed that this is post number 1000! Way too much time on my hands
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    Hiya. I'm adding a handsfree dial feature to TreoHelper and I'm going to need someone to test it on a 270. What it has is a configurable phone number, that when you press the handsfree button, it dials it. Ta da!

    I was thinking about getting a FreeSpeak but to use while my Treo is cradled in a good reception area, and so that's why I wanted to dial my voice command with the button thingy.

    Anyways I'm almost ready for testing, I just have to debounce the switch a little.
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    forgive my ignorance, but what is freespeak????
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    It's a wireless headset that works on bluetooth technology.
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    I have a preliminary version of TreoHelper with the handsfree dial option for testing. It's under the Fun category.

    (link deleted because I noticed a problem with the lid open sound -- I'll fix it tomorrow)

    I'd like someone to test on a 270 because I don't have one. The issue is primarily one of the buttons and key masks being different from the 300, or vice versa. Hopefully I got them right. Make sure you backup before you test etc.

    I'm not totally sold on the idea, but I think it's not so bad if you make it dial * for voice command. The issues which bug me are that I suppose one might accidentally hit the handsfree button and ring up someone, and also there isn't a positive indication that it's dialing until you hear an answer. Maybe I need to add some Fun sounds for that stuff, or maybe a long hold of the button for dialing.

    Voice Command is great. Did you know you can even say phone numbers; i.e. "call 8005551212". It's pretty darned good at it!
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