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    Has anyone else tried this yet ? I have and I can't believe that I've been waiting for what they've released. It has all the same problems / quirks as 1.0, plus it now crashes at regular intervals. They have added support for multiple accounts, but who cares ???
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    I just installed the prc, didn't want the polling feature.

    Still has a 60k email limit. this, for me, makes it unusable.
    I couldn't find a way to add a second account to check with this stand alone version.

    Did I miss something?

    It lasted less than ten minutes on the treo.

    Oh, did I tell you I had to reset the treo when I first installed it. It couldn't find some file.
    Then it crashed when I was looking through the menues on a way to add the second account.


    Back to snapper mail and eudora (I like/need the folder support).
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    Skip it it's trash. Crashes my Treo and doesn't really work all that well. Stay with the older version.
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    With QuickOffice Premier's native file format support for Office documents, Snappermail is a near perfect email solution IMO.

    If only there were a good viewer for native (PC) -format .pdf and .tif files, I would have complete attachment access for my work messages.

    --invention is the mother of necessity
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    Yeah except it doesn't work with Lotus Notes email.
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    True enough, I was thinking more from the point of view of a personal solution than an enterprise solution.

    I love this little gadget, but IMO it's not really something you can recommend to the general population. I mean really, how many people are willing to read message boards to figure out how to tweak their phone?

    The Treo has various weaknesses, but IMO the biggest reason it isn't a big commercial success is the lack of good bundled software that "just works". People are very impressed when I show them I can read email attachments and control my desktop remotely, but of course neither of those functions are provided or supported by Sprint or Handspring.

    Out of curiousity, do you know are there any good enterprise-level email solutions for the Treo (I mean, that allow at least read-only access to attachments)? I believe the service my company tested out did not provide access to attachments.
    --invention is the mother of necessity
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    Basejet does provide attachments support.(Word, PDF, PPT, XLS I believe) There is a 60k limit but the entire attachment is not transferred to the palm. (They have a washing process). I think the 60k is probably enough considering the formating is removed. If they can ever get this software out of beta it would be a very good solution. However for an enterprise I do not think they have a server component that would handle multiple users on a central server. Sprint also has it's Business connect thing that does have a central server for IT to hook up a companies email to Sprint. However there is no email attachments support (at least for now).

    If you look at the history of wireless PDA connections. The first was the Omnisky plug-in for the Prism. That was WAY not ready for prime time. (I bought that for my wife and it would crash the Prism a lot). So I see this as 2nd generation. It's ALOT better and very usable but not ready for prime time.
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    60KB would NOT be enough for me, formatting or no.

    Especially if I ever get .tif or .pdf support, because that would be primarily for emailed faxes of up to 100 pages.

    Sprint's and Handspring's services are glorified pager messaging as far as I'm concerned.
    --invention is the mother of necessity
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    Have you been able to view these tiff documents with Snappermail? I would think it would be very hurtful to try and page/scroll through that type of document.
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    after using beta build 34 for weeks with few anomalies i was utterly appalled when i installed rc1 -- it instantly crashed the Treo 300. then it did it again and again. so i re-installed. and it crashed some more.

    apart from documenting that rc1 is a HUGE step backward in stability the basejet support forum [] leaves little doubt that some people have been able to install and use rc1. they just don't seem any too happy with it.

    one of basejet's new features, managing multiple accounts with folders, will make it unique ... assuming it works. SnapperMail continues to delay the same feature - after saying it was a few weeks away (in February) Snapper now won't say a thing.

    bottom line: if you see Basejet 2.0 RC1 ... RUN AWAY! don't even think about paying for it in this condition
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    No, I don't know of a reader that can read .tif or .pdf files without using a PC conduit to convert them to some other format, which of course wouldn't work with Snappermail.
    --invention is the mother of necessity

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