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    I am asking everyone that designs software for the treos. What are you coding in and what are you using to know the Treo system configurations, etc...
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    Coding in C, editing in XEmacs, compiling with PRC Tools under Cygwin on Windows 2000 and including header files from the Handspring SDK.

    -- Rod (author of TreoJogKeyShorts).
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    I love the prc-tools toolchain. I also use multilink for multi-segment support. Prc-tools 2.x has native multi-segment but it's just too messy for me, and multilink has been so easy that I totally don't worry about segments at all.

    For the Treo, first off you need the Handspring headers of which HsExt.h you include to have all the defs for preferences and Handspring specific API. Then you need PhoneLib headers to work with the Phone, SMS, Ringtones, and perhaps a bit of extra network control with NetMasterLib. Those are all found at

    Here's something cool. This week I was able to take a Palm example project (Mail 3.5) and convert it from CodeWarrior over to prc-tools. I'm very stoked about this because I thought it was going to be very difficult because of all the binary resource "goodness" that old CodeWarrior uses. Instead of converting those though, I used splitprc to make a .rcp right from the binary. With a few little touch-ups, I was able to build it! Yay! Of course CodeWarrior supporters are probably saying Boo! -- but god I do hate that thing.
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    Well, with one app under my belt (see my announcement on the Treo Utilities board), I used CodeWarrior, primarily because it's the environment I've used for the last couple of years for C++ classes. However, since it's an academic version, I'm planning on writing my next app with Gnu tools. I miss vi when I'm using CW (I know you can switch editors in CW, but it's more pain than its worth, imho).
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    Has anyone tried using J2ME. Does/How well does java work with treo developement.

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