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    I am new Treo 300 user. Sprint set me up with an sprint e-mail account ( I can see and read messages when I log on the Sprint web site, but those messages don't appear on my Treo when I retreieve messages. Any thoughts?
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    What email client software are you using to retrieve email and how is it configured?
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    I don't know and that could be my problem. I just assumed Sprint would have whatever I needed loaded on the Treo 300 in order to access messages from their assigned e-mail address. If I need to download something please provide me your reccomendation. I use Hotmail as my personal e-mail service and I have been able to access that, I just can't retrive the messages that SprintPCS set up for me with my new Sprint e-mail address Thanks for whatever advice you can provide.
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    Well for starters, you will need an email software client to be able to access your Sprint email. There are many to choose from and a good place to start would be searching "email" threads in this forum. Some months back one was started called something like, "Best email program for the Treo". (sorry, don't remember the exact title.) But as you become familiar with this forum you will learn TONS about your new Treo and email and all the other features.

    Personally I use Snappermail which is in the top 5 - arguably in the top 3. It is awesome. You can check it out at Treomail is also very popular and can be found on the website. Basejet is a good one but still in Beta I think. I could go on and on.

    The best thing to do is read ... search the forums ... and experiment!

    Good luck!
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    Eudora is free.
    A good place to start to get you up and running while you "digest"
    all the info regarding the various email solutions available. This board has got plenty of great info.
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    how do you setup eudora for use in eudora. I througt sprint mail was web based only.
    Thanks in advance

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