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    i am a prolific user of ebay. one of the reasons that i purchased a treo 300 was the opportunity to check my ebay account and search for products when i am on the road

    i have had the product for a couple of weeks now, and have had zero luck accessing my account.

    when i try to sign on i get the message wireless network is experiencing techical difficulties, please try again later...

    i go thru sprint....can someone tell me what i am doing wrong?

    also, how can i browse to the full ebay site instead of ebay light

    thanks for your time
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    Download and install these on your treo and you should be all set.
    You want the palmOS 3.5 download on this second link.

    You need both for it to work, this is about the best your going to get foR ebay, and it is probally what you want.

    Take care.
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