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    In order to practice my coding skills, I decided to replicate "Treo Tools". I'm making the program, source code, and resource files available for free under the GPL. I won't claim the code is pretty, but it does the trick on my 300, and tests OK on the 270 emulator. It should also run on the 180/180g, but I have not tested that at all. The calls are supposed to be the same as the 270, so I feel good about it.

    If you check it out and like it, please let me know. If it breaks your Treo, why didn't you hot sync first? ;)

    You may download the file at the following URL. Most folks will be interested in the README file and the prc, coders might take a look at rc2Main.c (please be gentle). 16K
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    OK, I've just uploaded Version 1.0.1. This removes some annoying debugging screens I had left in to tell me that the alarms were being set - this was obnoxious behavior that for some reason did not show up on my 300 (though it did in the emulator), but did show up on the 270. I'm hoping this also fixes a bug on the 270 that prevents the ON alarm from working if the OFF alarm is left at Never.

    Thanks for the feedback and testing - it looks like Radio Control has been downloaded almost 50 times so far!
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    Thank you Chris!!! This program works fantastic!!! Tried it a few times and it was perfect. While connected to gprs on my Treo 270, I was never able to get Treo Tools to shut off my radio. Yours works great! Thanks again!!!

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    Thank alot, this software is great.

    I know a little C++, but where did you learn program Palms from, and What Compiler/IDE did you use.

    I downloaded Palm Dev Kit "Falch or something"
    But it say I need a Email and Password to Install

    Can you give my some Advice. Thanks
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    According to other posts on this board, if you're using a utility that automatically tries to turn on the radio after a soft reset (such as Radio Control), it creates problems for the updater, which activates itself after resetting the device.

    For complete safety, I'd recommend removing Radio Control before attempting the update. However, you should be able to simply tell Radio Control you want the radio off after a soft reset - this should then not cause any problems with the updater.

    Radio Control has now been downloaded almost 200 times! Thanks for checking it out! Any comments on other Treo utilities you'd like to see, let me know.
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    I'm trying to use it on my Visor+VIsorPhone, which should use the same API as the treo 270 to turn on and off the radio module. But... it does not work.
    When the alarm triggers, the visor display is turned on, but nothing happen on the visorphone (both poweron and power off do not work).
    Any suggestions?
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    From what I can tell from Handspring's GSM/GPRS Phone Library Reference, there shouldn't be any difference when using Radio Control with a visorphone. I'll try to locate a visorphone rom to test it out.
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    If you can tell me how to ``download'' the rom from my visorphone, I'll be glad to help you.

    In the meanwhile, I downloaded the demo version of CodeWarrior (v 8.0) to try to recompile RadioControl.

    Being not expert in how cw works, I could not be able to do that. May be I'm wrong, but are the projects file missing from the .zip archive? Also the RadioControl.rsrc seems to be empty.
    I'm missing something?

    Thanks for your help. Let's see if we can make it work on a VisorPhone.

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