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    Hi Everyone:

    I'm big on trying out new programs for my treo.

    Wouldn't mind knowing what kinds of programs other people have come across lately.

    Please share the wealth, could be on any topic, favorties...etc...

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    Search on this forum to find a lot of opinions. I've not interpreted your query as only for new things, knowing that many of my new discoveries have been known to others for a long time. If you want to browse, try or Here are a bunch of programs, mostly free, that I particularly like.

    For taking parts of the web with you try Plucker . Don't bother with all the details of the command-line stuff, just use plucker desktop.

    Reading ebooks:
    DeepReader ($12) has nice fonts, reads from any directory on SD card.
    ReadThemAll ($0) has the best scrolling method
    Plucker ($0) is fine for HTML books
    PalmReader ($0) is OK, pay version is fancier.

    PocketLibrary ($0) keeps track of books.
    Wordsmith ($30) is a good word processor and OK book reader. Their backup program is good, and the backup to SD card is free (one version anyway.)

    Get free ebooks at: (Plucker or HTML format) (These are text and need some conversion, but it's a rather large list.)

    pay ebooks:

    For dealing with SD card data Filecaddy is fast, free, and open source.
    filez lets you do a few things Filecaddy does not, such as viewing and editing preferences, and copying directly from one directory to another on the same card.
    BackupBuddyVFSFree will do an all-or-nothing backup to your SD card. Get it from Bluenomad address above.

    PilotDB is a handy free database.
    Get DB editor as well for working with files on windows. Various conversion utilities are available.

    Powerful, free graphing calculators:

    Metro has subway maps and can calculate directions for almost any city:
    HandyShopper is actually useful for many types of lists besides shopping lists.
    HS2-utils adds to Handyshopper's list manipulation capabilities.
    TikTok is a handy multi timer program:
    On that page, CCrypt is a convenient way to encrypt and decrypt private data. Encrypted data can be stored as memos, and decrypted for use without saving the plaintext version.

    Vexed is an excellent free game: (new version 25 May 03 adds 600 levels)

    The Treo sometimes turns IR receive on without your instruction, which can run down your battery. IROff will keep it off.
    To keep your Treo from turning on by accidental keypress, try
    Disable Buttons
    Make sure you have Buttons-T in your preferences.
    If you don't use a commercial program like BackupBuddy (see BlueNomad above) you should consider a free program like SyncAll to prevent problems reinstalling after a crash.

    PilotInstall makes installing stuff much faster than a complete hotsync:

    If you want hacks (system extensions) to make the Palm OS more convenient, here are a few free ones. You will need X-master or something to use these.
    I find LazyLauncher to be fast and non-intrusive for switching between applications.
    Treo keyboard utils (from the same site) allows some stylus navigation by keyboard, and OKey allows some more.
    Second most useful after LazyLauncher is KeyCapsHack, which allows much smoother Treo keyboard typing of shift and second (blue key) functions:

    If you don't want hacks, Button Launch is a safe app that allows fairly convenient switching among apps:

    For programs that can't access the SD card by themselves, MSMount can be very useful:
    Be careful with it, since it does not work with everything, and can cause some problems. Use the list of excluded programs: filecaddy and filez should be listed, or they will see files on the SD card twice -- once natively, and once via MSMount. In general, a program that can use files on the SD card should be listed on the disable list.

    Noah Lite is a free dictionary program.
    Here are more databases for it:
    MSMount is handy for the big dictionary.
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    WOW !!!

    That's awesome! I have some of the programs you mentioned but there were 3 or 4 that I'm going to check out.

    I have searched palmgear and all the other sites but it's aways interesting to see what other people find helpful.

    My post was to invite everyone to list the programs they like best.

    I can't get over your list! What type of SD do you use?

    Thanks again!
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    That's a fine list of apps.

    I don't have much to add. I echo that LazyLauncher is probably THE launcher for the Treo. Use it in conjunction with Shortcutz and you can launch apps off the card. LL also launches desk accessories, so things like controlling the volume, call lookups, switching the IR mode, checking the battery and memory can all be done without leaving the current app.

    Also a new version of List came out. It's a freeware DB App. Very simple, but useful for most of what anyone does with databases. Two short fields and a 4K note field. As easy to use as Memo.

    SafeHack and the Desk accessory Show/Hide Changer are a great combination for data security. S/H quickly lets your see private entries and SafeHack makes the all private again when the unit turns off.

    K Reader is small freeware reader that can read Docs off your SD.

    And CorrectHack gives you automatic shortcuts. Users develop shorthand systems with it for entering words and common phrases with a couple keypresses and a space. It also can be rigged as a spellcorrecter.

    Most of this is available at or palmgear.
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    I use a 64MB Sandisk SD card, simply because that appeared to be the most cost effective at the time. It works fine. I keep a lot of books on mine (as you might guess from my list) and would probably get a bigger one if I were to get one now.

    ShortCutz ($7.50) seems to have been removed from palmgear. I found it at , though that site seems not always to be available.

    One comment wrt Pilot-DB: it's a more capable database than just a list program. It has many data types, including a calculated one that makes it almost a spreadsheet. Its somewhat daunting documentation is worth wading through.
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    l really appreciate that list!
    Thank you!
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    Originally posted by awschwab
    Search on this forum to find a lot of opinions. I've not interpreted your query as only for new things, knowing that many of my new discoveries have been known to others for a long time. If you want to browse, try or Here are a bunch of programs, mostly free, that I particularly like.

    .........snip, huge list of programs-------

    Thanks for taking the time to post your huge list of programs, best of all you also posted the links with the applications, I intend to check some of them out as well.

    Again thanks!
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    Every so often, I like to get a one-shot list of all ToDo's (completed and/or pending), as well as all DateBook entries. 2 great freebies handle the job for me, both of which are accessible via this page:
    -- ToDo2Memo
    -- DateBook2Memo (or palm doc file!)

    (1) At the end of the month, I use it to grab a listing per category, then I purge from the native database. Main advantage is that I don't have to go scrounging around in the desktop archive for such data.
    (2) If you've checked "Record Completion Date" in the native ToDo app, then the completed date will show up in the list, which looks kinda like this (not the stuff in curly brackets, listed here for explanations):

    ( x ) Finalize month's billables [3/4!]
    ..... {Was scheduled for last day of the month, but I checked it off late; hence, the exclamation point}
    ( x) change oil in car [3/7]
    ( ) review professional monthly newsletter [3/7]
    ..... {reflects original scheduled date, since not done yet}

    This app is the easiest I've found, to avoid doing a screen-by-screen search.

    Be sure to also check out the author's equally fantastic (and free) VFS2DOC-- that one yields a nicely formatted list of all files stashed on your SD card.

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    Is it true that the hack programs can cause the Treo 90 to crash? I wouldn't want to use them if it did. Thanks for the help in advance
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    Originally posted by smoothshep2005
    Is it true that the hack programs can cause the Treo 90 to crash? I wouldn't want to use them if it did. Thanks for the help in advance
    Yes, some hacks may cause your treo to crash.

    I was hesitant to run hacks when I first got my delexe a couple of years ago, but got over it.

    I now have two activated all the time.

    Try one at a time, see if you like it and that it doesn't crash. Do a search for it here to see if anyone is having problem with that hack.
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    I have five hacks and a half dozen desk accessories running currently. All running smoothly at the moment. Occasionally I have a fatal alert, but I've never lost info and I can't even pin the crashes on hacks.

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    It's not just the hack, but a combination of a particular hack with a particular other program that usually is the problem. But you can turn hacks on and off, so having them installed does not need to mean that they are always active. Just add hacks carefiully, one at a time, and try out as many of your other apps as you can to see what happens. If you know of a problem interaction, it can be easy to avoid. It's the ones you don't know about that can be the real problem, and if you install several hacks and several programs all at once, and then get a crash, you have a big job to locate the problem and fix it. But start by turning off all hacks and/or resetting, and then turning hacks on one at a time to test.

    Running a lot of hacks at the same time can also slow down your system. Just make sure to back up before doing a lot of testing. Treo 90 users can back up to SD card, which is very nice.

    Another tip is that if you write a long message, you might time out and lose it when you try to post, unless you have saved it elsewhere. To avoid this, you can either write it elsewhere, and paste it into the reply box, or simply copy your text before hitting submit, so if it is lost because of a timeout, you can just paste it into a new textbox. Now I'll see if I've timed out here...
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    Thanks for all your help.
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