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    Thought I'd poll my colleagues here at Treocentral regarding their experience with car cigarette lighter charger cords. My factory issue HS one had a technical failure (I grabbed the flat plastic connector end while it was plugged into my Treo and it was flexed a bit too hard--snapped some internal plastics and now the connector itself is loose--very fortunate that I did not break the connector inside the Treo attached to the circuit board [see the other posts about this]). I could of course just buy a new HS one, but was curoius if the 3rd party ones are any better/smaller/cheaper/more durable.
    Thanks in advance for your experience and advice.
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    I bought mine from ebay for $6 including shipping. Use it all the time, never had any issues at all. Actually took it into Best Buy and compared against HS factory charger...looked EXACTLY the same to me, but their's was selling for $30 plus tax...I'll stick with my $6 one, thanks. And since I bought one to leave in my wife's car, I already have a spare if it ever does fail, and I'm still ahead by about $18.

    Hope this helps.


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