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    Just a small rant about the current pricing for the Treo and way that cell phone carriers crap on existing customers.

    I'd like to upgrade my current Sprint plan and phone to a Vision plan on the Treo 300.

    Unfortunately, all the rebates and deals are only available to new customers. So I'm expected to pay $500 for this thing?

    A new cell phone would cost around $100-$150. A new PDA (with specs that run circles around the Treo 300) would run about $299.

    That's $450 total. And I'd have a better device for each of those things (cell and PDA).

    But this combo device is more than that?

    That's a bunch of crap.

    I was all set on this thing. Now, I'll just have to wait until the new Treos coem out, which will hopefully force the 300's price tag down to some logical range.
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    expense is all relative. I was a current Sprint customer, but I effectively got my Treo for free, plus $200.
    how, pray tell? by using the system to your advantage.

    Buy Treo at Amazon, 500.
    Pricematch using Amex to 350 price at online site, pocket 150, and effective Treo price is 350.
    Amazon rebate of 150, plus Sprint 50 rebate, brings effective price to 150.
    Amex warranty claim for bad pixels in screen of current PDA, pocket 150. Effective price at 0.
    Sell current pda on Ebay, 50. Ahead 50.
    Get retention credit of 150 for being customer for 5 years.

    200 simoles ahead, and a Treo to boot.
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    I was an existing Sprint customer and I was able to get the Treo for ~$250 bucks after *****ing and moaning with CS and the retention people at Sprint. Just threaten to no end to break your contract and leave, and they shoudl give you some kind of deduction...
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    I didn't feel like spending too much energy to get a Treo for cheaper, so I bought one on EBay. You can easily get a new one for $300 if you do a quick search. Negotiating with Sprint CSRs sounds like a good method too.
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    gfunk... if insurance fraud is within reason u might as well steal 3 of them sell them for 400 and pocket 1200

    or steal a truck load and retire!
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    Originally posted by quake8
    gfunk... if insurance fraud is within reason u might as well steal 3 of them sell them for 400 and pocket 1200

    or steal a truck load and retire!
    Its not insurance fraud b/c I really was going to cancel my service with Sprint until they offered to give me break on the price of the Treo! Furthermore, don't give me this holier than thow crap considering how utterly dishonest Sprint has been themsleves to their customers. I've posted my experiences with Sprint several times already on these boards, so I don't feel like going off on another rant here how they literally over charged me $200 bucks and refused to admit thier mistake until I threatened to report them to the Better Business Buearu. Suffice to say Sprint on many occasions have shown absolute incompetence regarding their billing accuracy and service, so much so its pissed me off to no end. The only thing that has kept me with their service is the Treo, period. I love this device and vision has slowly tempered my angst towards Sprint. But regardless, Sprint didn't have to give me their deal so the analogy comparing my experience to fraud is not fair. Please get off your soap box and quit judging people w/o knowing the facts. If you want to pay full price for the Treo w/o at least trying to bargain with the company, well then good for you! But don't admonish others for trying to find a good deal...
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