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    Sprint's so called "customer service" recently told me that they could not help me with a problem I was having syncing because I owned a Mac. They said "we don't service Mac users," and told me to try calling Handspring. But Handpring tells Treo 300 users to call Sprint.

    C'mon all you Mac fanatics out there, and based on the informal poll here, I know there are a lot of you....I think Sprint might need to hear how many of us are out there.

    No wonder they are fightng the number portability law. If people could switch carriers and keep their number, companies like Sprint would acutally be forced to offer SERVICE!
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    I gave up a long time ago on getting official service for my mac-related questions from companies like Sprint. I have come to accept this as the price you pay for using the mac...


    BTW, you might try asking your question here.
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    Yeah, don't waste your time with Sprint as far a macs are concerned. You're better off searching the archives or posting your questions to this forum.

    I have had sometimes good, often bad, tech and customer service from Sprint (see some of my other postings: 'cruiserparts'). An example of how ignorant people at sprint are about macs....... I wanted to update to blazer 2.0, but the only sprint download I could find downloaded an .exe file (windows), which then decompressed into a native palm format (I can't remember what it is). So anyway, I grab the .exe with my windows server, expand it, and then put it on my mac desktop. I click on it and it installs perfectly on my next mac sync. I am miffed as to why sprint wouldn't just post the native palm format for downloading, then both mac and windows people could download and install it. Or just post both formats.

    This type of treatment by a company is unacceptable. I am stuck with sprint, but I certainly wouldn't call myself a loyal customer. I'll be happy when i go.

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