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    Somebody mentioned that they where having problems with fatal errors/alerts. I downloaded alot of not so perfect software and i was having problems too. There are a couple of software out there that i came across that erased the leftover garbage when you delete the software you don't want, thus getting rid of alot of the bugs (at least it worked for me).
    It is called preference manager.
    (30 day free trial).

    Another software (freeware) i downloaded will do a automatic soft reset for you when you have a software bug (fatal alert/error)and with treo tools auto Turn On you don't even know it happened. It's called CRASH.[/url]
    set the timer for 1 second for the error reset. This is a great freeware to have.

    When you use this with Treo Tools , which has a auto Turn ON after a soft reset you won't really even know you had a soft reset. (treo tool is $8.95), you might be able to find a freebie Turn ON out there.(i know i saw one some place, but you pick up alot of extra's with Treo Tools, you can set unlimited on/off times to save battery life).

    Here's a freebie that some one posted, to try

    They all work great, use all 3 together for primo results.
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