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    Hello Treo lovers, i picked one up a month ago (treo 300) and am VERY VERY PLEASED, in fact i LOVE the thing, having a blast with it.

    I did go see the others (i330, palm Tungsten W, ect)and went to see the 7135, it was nice but had alot of Major Bad Points. 1-No keyboard and that was my major deciding factor(this is a biggy, if you know what i'm talking about). 2-Small gaffiti area (treo reco echo is awesome, whole screen). 3- It is thick(7135 is 3/8 inch thicker), i'm a pocket person and i don't even know the treo is in my pocket, this was also very important to me. 4- Un-limited internet is very expensive $80.00 vs. $15.00 ($780.00 per year savings, another biggy). 4- I think the screen is smaller than our treo. 5-No see thru lid, i love looking at my to do list, memo, ect without having to open it while shopping or whatever, and still have the protection of the lid.

    Lid protection is very important on these big screens,if you scratch it bad it's over(non-clamshell design), graffiti won't work, i've heard stories.

    I really think the treo is a Great design, like the toggle wheel on the side, battery life has been good to me so far, for all we get the size is great, sometimes we think it looks greener on the other side of the fence and it really isn't until we find out the hard way.

    I have had no problems with my treo, it working great, 16 Ram has been plenty for me, i have this thing loaded with junk(over 30 games) and have only used 29% of the Ram, Although i am very careful with the lid, with the helpful advise of you all.

    And by the way i have read alot of the comments and would like to Thank you All. You have been very helpful to me on oh so many issue. ( the good downloads(cell plan tracker, treo tools, Ect. Also about taking out the sprint insurance just in case)

    I also noticed that you all run a very clean web page with very few cut downs, but rather alot of Support, even to the dumb newbies like me.

    Most of you Guy's know this but Somebody mentioned that they where having problems with fatal errors/alerts. I downloaded alot of not so perfect software and i was having problems too. There is some software out there that i came across that erased alot of the leftover garbage that stays when you delete the software you don't want thus causing problems. It is called Preference manager. (30 day free trial).

    Another program (freeware) i downloaded would do a automatic soft reset for you when you have a software bug (fatal alert/error) It is called CRASH. This is a great freeware to have.

    and with Treo Tools($8.95) Auto Turn On after a soft reset you hardly even know it all happened (mine was having errors while in my pocket alot, i think the signal strength was triggering something), There is a freebie Auto turn On after a soft reset out there (haven't tried it),

    but you pick up added benifits with Treo Tools( unlimited auto on/off to save battery life)[/url]

    Some treo bad points.
    1- cheap lid and case doesn't feel the strongest, wouldn't want to drop it.
    2-speaker doesn't sound the best on high.
    3-get face oil on the screen while talking.
    4-hard to see in sunlight.
    5-no Java to access bank accounts ,ect.

    Over all the treo for me was the closest to perfect Machine i could find. It's not perfect but close and closer than the 7135, i330, i700 at least for me. I love how thin it feels in the pocket with the PROTECTION of the see-thru LID from SCRATCHING yet i still get a Palm pda, great phone, emails, sms, KEYBOARD, toggle wheel on the side to get around quick, great toy with download games, feels Very Comfortable to Operate.

    I have had no real major problems with sprint cust service(yet) and the internet price is the best out there (Roam at Will, FREEDOM!!!)

    We have it Made with the treo, the goods far outweigh any bads for me and i Doubt it is greener on the other side of the fence, at least not what i could see and touch so far.

    Love you guy's, you have been a GREAT, GREAT Help!

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    1. LOVE GOD WITH ALL OUR HEART, SOUL, MIND, AND STRENGTH. 2. AND LOVE OUR NEIGHBOR AS OUR SELF. (even when it's tough, This is Perfection).
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    Bobby, you comments are appreciated by all.
    Yes, the Treo is the best thing out there for what it does, and TreoCentral has some very helpful people and information. Community based forums at their best.

    Now, go get us some more converts! :-)
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    1. LOVE GOD WITH ALL OUR HEART, SOUL, MIND, AND STRENGTH. 2. AND LOVE OUR NEIGHBOR AS OUR SELF. (even when it's tough, This is Perfection).

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