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    Today my Treo jumped out of my hand and onto the floor, breaking the left hinge and snapping whatever wires went through it.

    I quickly discovered that everything was working but the speaker. Hmm, that's not so good.

    So I trotted off to the nearby Circuit City to get it replaced under the extended warranty I'd purchased from them. Sadly, I discovered the downside of this warranty... it's a discontinued phone as far as Circuit City is concerned, and they didn't have one in stock. They were, however, willing to give me a credit for the purchase price to buy another phone from the store. Since the only other PalmPhone they had was the keyboard-challenged Samsung, I politely declined. She checked the nearest stores, and said they didn't have any in stock either.

    I headed home and hit, which said that they had them available for mail order, but I wasn't sure how well that would work out for a warranty replacement.

    So I started checking nearby stores (I'm in Oakland, CA.) None in San Francisco. None on the peninsula, nor east bay or south bay stores. Hey! There's one in Concord. I called the store (on my landline) and discovered that it had just been sold. Grrrr...

    OK, back to the website. A couple of the seriously outlying stores-- Fairfield and Pittsburg-- have them in stock. So I called Fairfield, had them hold one for me, and zoomed up there.

    Total cost of replacement: $30 for a new three-year warranty. Time: An hour on the phone, two hours of driving, and an hour at the stores dealing with it.

    I'm impresed-- the hotsync actually restored my brightness and contrast settings along with everything else. Sprint provisioning has done its job, and I have a happy phone.

    On the other hand, I've learned that the Circuit City warranty has a real downside; you can be screwed if they stop carrying your model, and there's nothing you want to switch to.

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    Suppose I lose my TREO. When I bring my new one home and plug it in for a hotsync is EVERYTHING going to get loaded to the TREO. Even my PQA's , Directory Assistant, Big Clock etc? Will all those items jump over from my PC? All I have to do is hit my Hotsync button and the new one will be exactly like the old one?

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    my experience, not from losing but from several hard resets and crashes, is that everything does restore. i would think on a new unit you would just have to be careful of user identity stuff, like naming your new one something else in which case hotsync would not recognize it right away as you.
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    Almost everything transferred over for me. The things that didn't were:

    - The web clipping libraries
    - Treo300SMS (but strangely, the registration did, so once I reinstalled the application, I was good to go)
    - Custom ringtones assigned to speed-dial buttons
    - Mail saved in Eudora

    There might still be something else that I've overlooked. If so, I'll let you know when I find it. All in all, things pretty much just transferred over and worked the first time.
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    The web clipping libraries-that is why I asked what remains. I went through hell getting my PQA's uploaded to my Treo and I would hate to lose that stuff. I finaly got Directory Assistant and I really like it. I use just a few others.
    One comment. I have been logging on to Treo Central and it seems that when people load up their Treo with all these neat little apps they mess things up. If you dont really see a big need for something I would say not to uploadd it.

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