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    The car charger that came with the 300 sticks (have difficulty removing the charger). I brought it to Sprint and tried 2 different chargers on 2 different 300's, both had the same problem. Anyone else have this problem. Solution..

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    Yeah, I've had the same problem. I'm sure theres a car charger with a connector similar to the one on the A/C charger, though yes... I don't know of any. Just make sure you push in the sides when you put it on and take it off.
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    I have the same problem and am also having to squeeze both sides to get the connector to work properly. It seems a bit delicate but not that much of an issue, for me at least.
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    Fresh out of the box, I plugged my car charger into the treo, attempted to remove it WITH THE SIDES COMPLETELY DEPRESSED, and the stupid plastic breaks off. Didn't ruin the phone. So I call sprint. They want to send me an entire TREO setup, bill me 500.00, and have me mail them my brand new treo back. I can't imagine anyone running a business like this. All I needed was a new car charger. So i did the ebay thing. Not as nice as the sprint oem model, but it seems to work.

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