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    Don't think I ever noticed this Accessories forum before. I maybe should have posted my "HotSync cable connection intermittent -- need to spring for a cradle?" thread here.

    It talks about how you should buy a USB cradle to avoid compromising your HotSync connector, which, in a very poor design, is only attached to the PCB by a solder joint, so the weight of the HotSync cable stresses it (particularly if you have the cable hanging out into the air, as I used to) until it will no longer make a positive connection.
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    been syncing and charging to cables only for 6+ months without difficulty. How long did it take for your stress damage to occur?
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    Just over 5 months. But it's possible that I dropped the unit a couple of feet onto the carpet once with the HotSync cable plugged in, which one could imagine would accelerate the loosening of the connector.

    It definitely progressively got worse, though, so it wasn't just a one-time damage issue.

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