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    Just curious if anyone out there had ever gotten impatient while waiting for their Treo 300 to get activated and had tried to restart the process, and if so, what the results were.

    I swapped my old Treo for a new one at Circuit City today (using my protection plan), and the sales guy volunteered to do the activation for me, so I let him.

    The Sprint rep said my phone would be activated within two hours, but it's now close to four hours and still no dice.

    I tried to restart the process by visiting, but it says:

    We are unable to activate your Sprint PCS Phone online at this time. Other ways to activate your phone include:

    • If you are in one of our Sprint PCS retail stores, use the nearest Customer Solutions phone.
    • Activate by dialing *2 Talk on your new Sprint PCS phone.
    • Activate by calling 1-888-715-4588 from your home or office phone.
    I already tried the *2 method earlier, but after telling Claire what I want, I just get a recording saying that there's no one in the office (grrr, I suppose they'll be out all day tomorrow as well?). I tried the landline method, but after entering my 11-digit ESN, Claire tells me that's not a valid ESN number (tried multiple times).

    Has anyone encountered behavior like the above when trying to activate their phone when activation was supposedly already in progess, or does it indicate some serious problem with my phone or account?

    I hope the Sprint stores will be open on the holiday tomorrow (if my activation hasn't rolled through by that time)...
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    Yeah, looks like that's the normal behavior when Sprint has already done what they need to do on their side to get your Treo activated.

    Luckily the Sprint stores were open today, and the one I went to had a tech who knew his stuff. He took my phone in back for a couple of minutes and when he came back out I could hear SMS alerts going, so I knew he'd gotten it working.

    Apparently the clueless Circuit City employee and/or the clueless Sprint rep he was talking to forgot a step -- you're apparently supposed to enter the phone number twice, and they'd only done it once.

    In the future, I'll certainly refuse the help of any Circuit City employees and will either activate the phone myself or take it to a Sprint store. I had the CC guy do it partially as a test that the phone appeared to be in working order before I walked out of there, but it wasn't worth it to have the phone be non-functional for 19 hours afterwards.

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