Hey potatoho. First let me state this is a GREAT APP. The best app on my treo. You made my purchase all worthwhile. Thanks a million. I noticed that in certain rooms, I have a SignalQuality() of 14 and a red blinking light, no bar on the signal indicator and no possibility of placing/receiving calls. Treohelper has not shut down and rebooted. Is there a way to raise the treshold to 14 rather than 0 to perform the reboot? Can you teach me how to change the code, so I don't bother you with every subsequent release? I own a 270 (firmware 534a09gg.3, soft rev v3.5.2H5.6, GPRS 1.1). Treohelper config is Phone off 1mn, max tries 8, every 2mn, scheduled off/on works. no other app except wmodem, msnMg. It does this both in Singapore and Paris. By the way the wireless prefs. screen crashes with Treohelper (cannot find inetlib then fatal exceptions). Thanks