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    I frequently make calls out in the field from my Treo 300 to a couple automated wind talkers (gives temperature and wind speed and direction for use with flying gliders). Procedure is always the same, open Treo, press 2 buttons of name, hit enter, hit spacebar to activate speakerphone and I don't even have to look at the phone (not that I can see it under the sun anyway).

    Today I perform this ritual, and nothing.. no speakerphone..
    in fact.. no speaker at all. I place a normal call, dead silence. Check the volume, it's up, but nothing heard. What's really odd is where the activate/deactivate speakerphone icon normally is.. Nothing. The phone still rings when called and does its usual beeps and clicks (so I know it's not an electrical disconnect with the speaker itself), still thinks it is answering the call, but nothing is heard from the speaker and nothing is heard on the other end from the microphone either. It's as though this phone as simply ceased all voice functionality. Internet still works, everything else works.

    Performed several soft resets.. Nothing
    Performed one hard reset. Nothing.
    My phone has ceased to be a phone.
    Usual advice from Sprint.. Take it to the phone store.. (on Labor Day weekend.. riiiight).

    Anyone experienced such a bizarre situation?
    Looks to me like either the firmware is horked (as it is retained even during a hard reset), or there's a true mechanical failure. What makes me skeptical about the latter, is that it *knows* the speaker is non-functional because the speakerphone icon is missing, and both speaker and microphone no longer work as though they were switched off, which would seem to indicate a software problem.

    I'm guessing I'm going to have to go through a big hassle at the sprint store, and end up with a new phone. Oh well.

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    Have you tried using a headset? I had a similar situation where the earpiece kept cutting out then stopped completely. I could still hear the other person on my headset.
    Sprint swapped out the phone after it "failed" whatever test they do. The replacement was sent to my office with a prepaid label for returning the defective one.

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    I had exactly the same problem last week, including the missing speakerphone button.

    After a number of resets and searches in this forum I remembered I had used my Treo with the headset in my car earlier the same day. Plugging and unplugging the headset fixed the problem.
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    I had this same problem with my Treo 180 about a month ago. I figured that the phone thought my headset was still plugged in, but plugging it in and unplugging it several times didn't help. Neither did soft/hard resets. I gave up on it because my new 300 was on its way and I could live with it.

    Then one day (after a few more cycles of plugging/unplugging) it worked again. I think it was a hardware issue, a bad contact maybe, but I have nothing to back that up. The way it all happened didn't exactly fill me with confidence in my device. I probably would have been more worried if I didn't get the new phone so soon after. Sorry to see that others are having this issue, and on the 300 too.
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    I startehaving the same problem as zvandiver a week or so ago. I took it to the Sprint store and, even though it didn't fail the diagnostics, they went ahead and arranged for a replacement to be sent to me. I should have it in a couple days. I have to say I was very impressed that I didn't have to fight them to get it replaced.

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    Thanks all.

    Seems so obvious in hindsight.

    I had in fact tried to use the headset in the car a few days ago.
    I just went out to the car and plugged the headset in, made a call.. pulled the plug.. speakerphone icon appeared briefly, then disappeared again. Put it back in.. and out.. and it's back.
    Everything's normal for now.

    Whatever little switchjack they're using in there appears to be a weak link.

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    Thank you for your reply. I moved the earpiece in and out several times and the speakerphone started working.

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    I'm new here, but, I just had the same problem with my 300. I even did the plugging and unplugging of the hands-free earpiece. But, eventually the audio deteriorated until it annoyed the heck out of me. I would be talking to someone and all of a sudden the audio would die and I would have to hang up. I took it back to Sprint and they replaced my TREO 300 with another one for free !! I still love my phone, and, I anxiously await the 600 !!! Good luck to you.
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    In my case, the handset speaker started intermittently failing after a few months...twice. In both cases, with increasing frequency, I would call someone and not be able to hear them. Similarly, people would call me, and the screen would illuminate to indicate the incoming call, but the ringer and the caller's voice would both be inaudible. Opening and closing the case a few times appeared to help the problem, suggesting that it was a bad wire at the hinge. Like other posters, I found that using the earpiece eliminated the problem.

    In both cases, I called Sprint and was directed to a Sprint store, to have a trained technician perform diagnostic tests on the phone. In both cases, the "diagnostic tests" consisted of calling my phone from another phone, and noticing that the handset speaker didn't work. (Gosh, that must require lots of training.)

    I'm eagerly awating phone #3, which Sprint is shipping to me at the moment. According to the Sprint folks, replacing a waranteed phone extends the warranty by 6 months. (The long story: the warranty is the original 1 year warranty, or 6 months, whichever is longer.) Assuming that my current failure rate continues, this means that my warranty will last indefinitely!

    I'm curious what all of the replacements, technicians, and shipping cost Sprint and/or Handspring...
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    I had an isue with my phone last week and the week prior, similar to mathguru's. It may have been due to upgrading the firmware a month ago.

    The phone would answer, but the speaker would be silent for 30 seconds, then just kick in and start working. This was very annoying, esp. since I turned on speakerphone at times to make sure there was no sound and it would kick in very loudly while I held it up to my ear.

    This occurred with outgoing calls as well as incoming. The user at the other end heard me, but I couldnít hear them. Did not test with speakerphone.

    Anyway, to make a long story short(er), I brought it into a Sprint store, it failed the "test", and Iím using my refurbed Treo300. I only get a 3 month warranty extension, however. (I pay for their monthly warranty) My manufacturer warranty was about to expire in a month. That was my first Treo, prob one from the original production line.

    If you have an older Treo (9+ months), don't upgrade the Firmware (unless you want a new Treo and are under their warranty).
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    An unexpected benefit of my last refurb (other than getting a nice newly-refurbished replacement at no cost!):

    I've been very curious about the firmware update, but I've read so many negative comments, I wasn't anxious to install it. When I knew that $print was shipping a replacement, I went ahead and installed the update, since I would be sending the phone back anyway. I found that the update had little effect on anything, so my curiosity is fulfilled.

    I received my refurb today. Haven't had a chance yet to check the firmware version, so I'm not sure if the update was pre-loaded.
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    I had the same thing happen to me. The problem was that the wire connecting the speaker part and the body had broken.
    "Matters of great concern should be taken lightly, matters of small concern should be taken seriously."
    -ancient chinese adage
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    Ditto with me too-

    Lost speaker- I could hear them, they couldn't hear me.
    Lost ringing and all sound 4 weeks later
    Lost earpiece sound 1 weeks later= no sound at all so had to get replacement from sprint.

    I did drop the phone before it all started- precipitating event, but deterioration in total took about 2 months.
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    I monkeyed around with what everyone was saying until I came up with the following procedure to get it to work again:

    1) Plug the headset in and make a call.
    2) Once the phone starts ringing pull the headset out.
    3) The fliplid will still have no sound in it yet.
    4) Push the speakerphone icon on the screen and sound will begin coming out of the fliplid again.
    5) Push the Cancel Speakphone icon and sound returns to normal on the fliplid.

    Everything is normal again on my unit - at least for the time being.
    Hopefully the 600 will come out soon and won't be an arm and leg.
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    WOW..I had the same thing pop drove me NUTS..all along thinking we go again with returns and shipping return costs..

    LO AND BEHOLD..I remembered the other night driving back from KFC I was talking to my brother using my EARPIECE.

    The next day no speakerphone one hearing me on the other end , no phone ringing..nothing..UNTIL I read this, asked my co worker at work for his headphone jack, plugged it in, made a call took it out and BOOM worked..thanks guys

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