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    If I have 2 phones and want to swap one to the other what is the best way? Can I do this at the Sprint site myself or do I have to call Sprint CS? So far, I have only done it by calling Sprint CS and everytime they tell me not to use the phone from anything between 6 to 24 hours or something bad can happen. Are they pulling my leg or is it just that particular CS does not know what he/she's talking about.
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    I recently swapped my A500 for my Treo. If you have a regular (non-business account), I'm pretty sure you can activate your Treo online and, at the same time, unactivate your other phone. I tried it and it was petty straightforward until I got to the end and got the screen saying I had a business account so I had to call CS.

    I did. That was not so easy because the rep didn't know how to get the Treo going. She put me on hold and I had to hang up before she came back. I called back about 20 minutes later and got a guy who was all over the Treo. He had me activated in minutes. I think he said it would take an hour to cycle through but it took far less. I think I was talking on it within about 30 mins.

    That's only my experience (and, likely, way more info than you wanted)... happened 3 weeks ago.
    susan dennis
    seattle, WA
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    the easiest way is to go to a store and have a csr do it for you and as for using your device, do not try to use vision until 6- 12 hours because you havent givien the system enough time to provision the services then send to phone. this cause a false password to be put into your browser witch makes it difficult to get reset wich requires us to erase all your information on your phone.

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