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    I've searched through the posts, so forgive me if I've overlooked the answer. My jog dial button will increase the volume on my phone when I push it up, but when I push it down it returns me to my last application. I have TreoButton installed but don't see anything in the way I have it set up that would do this. I'd like to have the jog dial control phone call volume both up and down. I also have Buttons-T installed with the jog dial button set to Phone Book.
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    If you are using it, McPhling can be configured to do this. l'm sure there are others...
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    Thanks copernicus, you hit it right on the button, so to speak. I forgot that I had McPhling set to use jog down to go back to the last application. I was so used to using it just to bring up the list of most-used apps.

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