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    Hello all,
    I am new to the Treo 300 and have 9 days on it so far. Coming from a Sanyo 4900 the Treo is a far cry as far as ease of web access and e-mail direct on the phone is concerned. On the 4900, I had a USB cable to laptop for web access which was great using the full IE browser but the problem with that setup is it (Sprint?) "disconnects" me after a few minutes. It was not an actual disconnect but rather it stops sending data and I'd be forced to disconnect and reconnect again. This is a real pain and that is why I am looking for an alternative solution. Does the Treo do the same as the 4900 when connected to a laptop as a wireless modem. I have not tried connecting via a laptop with the Treo yet. Do I need anything special in terms of hardware or software? Will the usb cable suppllied with the Treo work? Can I use XP network wizard to dial #777?

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    T750 w/Cingular
    Black Jawbone
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    Keep in mind that the intended market purpose of the Treo (both from Handspring AND Sprint) is that the Treo is supposed to take the place of your PC when mobile, and allow full functionality all on its own.
    Thus, I don't think that the Treo, unlike other phones whose purpose is to serve as an access device to the Internet (either via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi/SD whatever), is really intended to be a go-between for your PC and the 'net.

    For example, when I had my Kyo 6035 (on Verizon's network), I used its PC cable a great deal of time to gain access, wirelessly, to the Internet. With the Treo, I find that it can stand alone, not really needing a PC, to give me <most> of what I need.
    Certiainly, there are things you just can't do with a Treo alone, but there's a trade-off between mobility and always-on, with the Treo, and realizing you're also going to compromise some level of functionality. I don't find myself really needing to connect my laptop to my Treo to do things on the Internet...but that's just me.
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    Another option is wirelessmodem. It works via IR/cable with Macs and has a workaround for pc's...

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