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    Has anyone tried Dataviz in box to go combined with Docs to Go?
    I downloaded them today and have had problems getting things to function. The "In box to go"seems to continually hang during the synch process.

    The main culprit seems to be powerpoint, even on simple files. This never allows the sync to happen with the docs to go attachments.

    Anyone else evaluated this software?

    treomail was ok, but the Dataviz product was enticing because of the perceived attachment solution.

    By the way - please don't respond with try snappermail. I have to wait for imap functionality - no pop3. If that were an option, I'd be a happy camper.
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    I gave it my best, about 8 months ago, right before I got the Treo (I was trying it with a Kyo6035). I really wanted it to work, but, just like you, the desktop sync part, where all the inbox and attachments, gets synced (sunk?) over during HotSync, crashed/hung up ALL the time. I really just wanted wireless sync, but that's not how it's set up as a default.

    I had to bail - it was making me insane. My answer to the need for attachments, now that I'm using and loving TreoMail, has been to set up an account with PrinterOn - allows you to fwd attachments back to yourself, as clear text, and it works well for me, for the most part. Excel is a little funky, but usable for minimum reading. One very nice thing they have is the ability to fwd attachments to any fax machine, so if you're at a hotel, and you need hard copy of an attachment, you can fwd the message that has the attachment, and designate which (or all) attachment you want to print at the fax. Very nice, and is a good workaround.

    I guess I found that when traveling, I <really> didn't need each and every attachment, and this allows you to specify which ones you want to look at, or potentially have printed at a fax machine.
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    I had similar lockup issues with inbox to go. I really liked the products however. Docs to go is great. Dataviz should be releasing their next big email client in June. It is supposedly a real move forward. I am sure I will try it on day one.

    For mail I use basejet and love it. Its very treo'centric.

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    Dataviz has discontinued Desktop to Go in favor of upgrading users to Beyond Contacts. Anyone have experience with this product? Is there a better sync tool from Outlook to Treo 300?

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