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    heres another question....

    i purchased gps mapopolis for the treo300. the program works well , except for, well... i cant get the gps unit to work!

    have any others experienced this? the message reads " gps unit could not be initiated." i am using a connection where the usb is attached to the treo and then hooked up to the car cigarette lighter insert.

    what could this problem be due to? i have contacted support as well to try and find out.

    thanks for any input!!
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    Same thing happened to me. The fix: I had installed the driver for treo given on the floppy, but when installed my maps i opted to install mapopolis again (default setting). Oops! This put a version of mapopolis that is not compatible with the treo on the device. Reinstall the version that came on the floppy and you should be good to go!
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    many thanks, miradu!

    reinstalled the floppy disc and its good to go. by the way,

    this is great software. thanks again and take care!

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    All you need is your Treo and this package?

    That's it? ... you're GPS'n?
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    this software is GOOD.... turn by turn directions, shows you moving along the map and tells you your speed in mph!

    set start to finish maplets and the satellite locks in on your position immediately.

    the map auto-rotates as you go.... eliminates all guesswork....

    did i mention its a lot of fun?!

    the lighter insert frees you from worrying about your battery charging down....... if you travel... you' ll love this...!!
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    yes this is all you need.. when you receive the case, make sure you install the floppy disc AND the cdrom... so you will be able to activate the gps unit ........ and you're gps'n baby!!!!
    enjoy it!!

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