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    Jeff at Targus Customer Service told me that the Universal Wireless Keyboard will be shipping +/- 6/6/03. I have owned 3 or 4 of the Stowaways for various Visor/Palm products, and they are a great company.

    Hopefully, the IR and Universal nature of this keyboard will make it my last for a while. Order now, and you can also use one keyboard for your entire PDA family inventory.
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    Actually I was able to purchase the Targus Universal Wireless Keyboard at Best Buy last week.

    So far I like it better than the other keyboards tha I have tried with the Treo 300.

    Built in stand holds the Treo with the lid either open or closed, and no problem making a connection.

    Keyboard is easier to use touch typing unlike the pocketop one.

    Plenty of function keys to bring programs up on the Treo.

    Has not caused a crash yet either.

    Space bar is lacking on the left side, keep hitting the empty space there.

    Shift key on right is easy to miss as well.
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    I just got the Targus Universal Keyboard at Best Buy also. I think the lack of a continuous or large enough space bar is going to be a big problem. The space bar is separated into two buttons with a solid block between them. Unfortunately the block is exactly where my right thumb is when I'm typing and looking for the space bar. I'll give it a try for awhile to see if my hand adjusts to the right a little where the space bar is located. If not, back it goes.

    Also, my Treo 300 is a bit wobbly on the stand.

    I take it there's no way to program the buttons on the right, only the number buttons + Alt.
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    Has anyone tried the Pocketop wireless keyboard with their TREO 300? The web page indictes it is compatible with Treo but does not indicate what models
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    Well, I ended up returning the Targus Universal Keyboard two days after I bought it. The space bar was too big an impediment to overcome. Too bad, because I love the Targus keyboard that I still use with my Visor.

    If Targus redesigns the Universal, I'll give it another try.
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    anyone try the targus with a Treo 270? Or is it essentially same as treo 300?
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    Can anyone who has used the Targus Universal Wireless Keyboard tell me if its driver supports the Dvorak keyboard layout?

    I know that the driver for the Stowaway keyboard (made by Think Outside) supports Dvorak but, alas, they aren't making a Treo-compatible keyboard.

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    I just looked at my driver and don't see any way to change the layout.

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    thanks, geoffrey.

    i guess i'll hold out a little longer and see if think outside makes a keyboard compatible with the new treo 600.

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    Has anyone tested the keyboard on a Treo? Thanks in advance for any info.

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    Sorry for sounding like a wiseass, but since this is a Treo board and some of us have it, I think the answer is yes. You might want to do a search and read what some of us have written already.

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    LOL!!! You aren't a wiseass. I'm a complete dumbass who was obviously on crack when I wrote that post. What I meant to say was has anyone tested the keyboard on a Treo 90? Once again thanks in advance for any info.

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    Just an FYI that I found the current driver version for OS 3.5 devices is 1.20 and can be downloaded from here.

    Here are the release notes for versions after 1.02:

    V1.20: - Added support for packet-ized IrDA frame. Driver completely ignores all
    incoming bytes XBOF (7F/FF), BOF (40/C0), CE (7D/FD) and EOF (41/C1).
    File Affected: GetEvent.c
    - Added separate KeyTableXX.c files for localization and split the resources.
    File Affected: KeyTable.c, YourType.rsrc
    - Changed Alt+# programmable function keys to use scancodes instead of #'s.
    File Affected: GetEvent.c
    - Accented char methods
    - Translated buttons
    - Put COMMON GetEvent code sections in a GetEvtHlpr.c file

    V1.04: - Added support for new Left Space key to support localization.

    V1.03: - Corrected SelectAll and Undo bugs introduced in v1.01.


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