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    Lately, I've been receiving the lovely Fatal Alert when trying to synch my Outlook (Microsoft Exchange Server) from work with PCS Biz Connection. It completes the synch and then the Treo resets.

    I've re-installed both the software for the computer and Treo several times.

    Fatal Alert: DataMgr.c,Line:5964
    Invalid uniqueID passed

    Any suggestions?
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    If I have my sync prefs set to sync more than 25 e-mails, I get the same fatal exception. BizCon is really a poor product. You would think that they could have fixed these problems by now.
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    and that's one of the (many) reasons I gave BizConn the boot, and went over to TreoMail. It's rock solid. MUCH preferable to BC. At least for me.

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