I have been a loyal handspring user since the visor deluxe.

I have owned a visor deluxe (which failed and needed replacement), a visor platinum, visor pro (also failed and replaced), visor prism, and lately a treo 90 (which has failed and needed replaced)

In the past, handspring has done quick turn around and advance replacement without problems. However, with the treo 90, it has been a big headache.

I purchased the unit in Janaury and the backlight failed. I contacted via email...they directed me to a toll free number. From the toll free number, I was directed to a so called customer support number. There I was finally able to schedule an advance replacement and the $20 charge for the call was waived.

5 weeks later, the replacement has developed a large "lighted pixel" area in the middle of the screen. Deciding to skip steps 1 and 2 above, I went directly to the customer support number. While on the phone, the service rep admitted it was a hardware error....however, the only way she could set up a repair/replacement was for me to pay the $20 customer support fee. Here it all goes down hill...after arguing for several minutes, I request to speak to a supervisor....her reply was that the policy had changed and there was nothing I could do about it.

She then directed me to the website (see step one above) where I could set up repair without the $20 tech support call. I went to the site and worked through the prompts...at the end, I was once again diagnosed with a hardware defect....to my suprise upon choosing the advance replacement there was a $25 charge (lets see original call $20 + $25 for advance replacement = $45 for technical support).

As this was a replacement unit for a defective treo, I did not feel I should have to pay for advance replacement. I then called the toll free number.....thirty minutes on hold (with an estimated wait time of 10-15 minutes) I had to hang up. I then tried the old stand by - email.

What do you know, I received a reply in less than 5 hours...that directs me to the toll free number (but only if I have a case number, which you must get from the $20 technical support line)

All I can say is the Q3 2003 losses must have greatly affected Handspring as they appear to have changed there repair/replacement policy drastically and are charging for anything they can.

I guess buyer beware is the advice I would give to anyone interested in buying a handspring unit.