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    Hey All -

    I just got my Treo 90.

    I went to the Handspring website and installed the Treo 90 Updater 1.1 software. Everything seemed to go smoothly.

    However, now whenever I hotsync, at the end of the hotsync the Treo asks for a reset.

    In addition, the icon for the update is still in my launcher, and the file for the update (approx. 2MB) is still in memory on the Treo.

    I tried soft reset, hard reset, re-installing the Updater, and standing on my head, but nothing seems to solve the problem.

    I e-mailed Handspring tech support, but have read many places how unsupportive they actually are.

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    If your 90 is new, it was probably already updated. If you can get to the 90's home screen and choose info from the menu you can check. Press the version button at the bottom of the screen. The updated OS across the top should read PalmOSv. 4.1H3.

    The next thing I would do is to get Filez (freeware) from If the delete menu choice from your home screen doesn't work, Filez may be able to delete it. Make sure you try to delete from the homescreen first, as this can delete all associated files with the Updater. Filez only knows to delete what you tell it to.

    Incidentally, I've found HS email support to be great.

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    OK - Here's what I did:

    I checked the synch log and discovered that the Backup file on my desktop still included those pesky ROM update files. So I deleted those files out of the Backup file, and that has stopped the hot synch from dumping that file onto the Treo.

    However, the end of the hotsynch still asks me to reset the device.

    Any ideas? Could Filez help me?

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    If you can't even get the 90 for fire up. then filez will be of no help. What could be happening is that somehow the updater file got corrupted in the transfer and won't boot up. Now that you've deleted the updater files from the backup, try the Updater again. If it installs clean, the 90 should work.

    Beyond this, only Handspring can help you. Since it's new, that shouldn't be a problem. Have you checked the Knowledge Base on HS's support site? It can give you some suprisingly accurate info and may just have a cure for your problem.

    Sorry you're going through this. I'm sure you'll love the 90 when you get it working again.

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    Kevin -

    Thanks for the help - I really appreciate it!

    I've only had this 90 for a couple days, but I already love the size and keyboard.

    The problem is now reduced to one simple? thing: The Treo asks for a reset after every hotsync.

    The unit starts up, all functions seem to be fine, it is working with my memory card.

    However, I am still asked to re-set the device after every hotsync. Not a major issue, really, just annoying and probably not normal.

    I'll admit I am a little gunshy about going through the installer program again, but it you think that would help I am certainly willing to give it a try.

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    The updater file should be deleted from your handheld but you must also remove the copy of the updater from your c:/program files/handspring/[your username]/backup folder. The file is restored every time you HotSync and that is why you keep having to reset. There is an attribute on the file called Reset on install causing the reset after the HotSync.
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    Hopefully Poryphyron has pegged your problem. If that's all that's causing the issue, then hopefully you're on your way.

    You might try some hacks, like LazyLauncer, CorrectHack, and ClockPop once you're completely functional.
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    Thanks to all for the help!

    I was able to fix it. After deleting all of the Updater files from the handheld and desktop, I think a piece of the Updater was still in my user profile.

    Once I created a new user profile, I no longer received the prompt to reset after the hotsync.

    You guys rock - thanks again for the help. I ususally don't use smilies, but you guys deserve one:

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