I am new owner of Treo180 , not activated yet, but got it unlocked from T-Mobile.

Now looking for a leather case, before I start activate and use it. This is because, phone, and small things fall from my hand often, or at least from my previous experience.

I looked at the Nutshell Case for Treo 180 review, looks really good, but I cant afford it at 50$+ tax.

Handspring Action Pack Case will cost me
about 33$-10off coupon=23$, I still
think is not that a good deal.

I never paid for a Case, but looks like I have to buy one for this PDA.

Has anybody bought a good Case for about 20-25$ which is good enough for Treo 180 ?.

Looked ebay also , Did not find any usefull one.

Appreciate your reply.