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    need suggestions...i am using my body glove for palm now, but can't hear my ringer when the phone rings. I need somerthing that's really going to protect my palm cuz I plan on dropping it a lot (haha). thanks
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    I have been using the Teski Treo Holster from Leather International

    with my Treo 270. Teski is a fashion design firm specializing in leather. I searched high and low before purchasing, and am very happy with this product.

    As of this writing, they only come in black leather, but they are working on a saddle brown number, too.

    Considering the high style and functionality of their products, $24.95 is an amazingly low price to pay!

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    I'm very happy with my Nutshell. It is compact, very soft inside (keeps my Treo scratch-free), fits my Treo perfectly, and the belt loop makes it impossible to drop the Treo, unlike some clip-based models. I have no trouble hearing my Treo ring, and the ring-silencing switch is easily accessible, so I can quickly turn off the ringer when entering meetings. It's not the cheapest case out there, but it's the best, IMO.
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    I got my Teski case a few days ago. My only beef is that it could be quite a bit smaller if they'd conform it more to the Treo shape. It's BLOCKY looking on a thin frame such as myself. However it is very secure and comfortable.
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    I agree. The Nutshell is great.

    Great style, form & function. Don't forget, high quality leather.
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    I bought this one from casetechworks and I'm very happy with it -- soft leather -- glove fit -- 25 bucks:

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