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    Poll question: What computer platform do you sync your treo to, pc or mac?

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    Win Xp... but thinking about moving to linux...

    P.S. I hate Macs!!
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    i'm using mac osx

    p.s. i'm not very fond of gfunkmagic's comment
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    WinXP here.
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    PowerBook running Mac OS X
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    WinXP here..
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    Mac iBook with OS 9.2.2
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    Best of both worlds - A PC with XP Pro and Ibook with Mac OSX
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    Mac OSX all the way baby! PeeCees are so last century
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    Still with NT 4.0 sp 6 at work.

    Also use a G4 with OS X 10.2 & 9.1 at work.

    Win 98 at home
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    I use Macs at home because I want to, and Wintel at work because I have to.
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    same here...
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    Mostly an iBook with 10.2.6, but I've also synced my Treo with an XP notebook.

    I've used both Wireless Modem (OS X) and PalmNet (XP).

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    MacOSX on TiBook 1GHZ

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    PC win2k platform
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    I likes my PC. I run Linux as the host OS and for Windows stuff I run Windows 98SE within a Win4Lin session. For games I either get native Linux ones, or I run DirectX games with transgaming's winex (patched wine).. it runs lots of them.

    It's been a very good setup for me. The exception is the feature creep of Windows(tm) tools which are starting to require Win2K and beyond for no apparent reason. My Win4Lin is currently limited to Win9x versions, which it runs very well for meat & potatoes stuff. They're starting to add DirectX things into Win4Lin but it's not really suited for gaming.
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    Former PC and primarily Unix (I have an old Sun Sparcstation sitting in my closet at home) user, convinced by MacOS X that Apple is finally on to something (I last used a Mac in 1991 and didn't think much of the OS at all).

    Over the last 2 1/2 years I've bought for home an IBook, Powerbook and dual PowerMac. At work I've got 2 PowerMacs and a Powerbook at my desk and we just bought an XServe.

    Everything's running 10.2.6.
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    90% Linux at home and at work. Some Windows when absolutely needed. (It's much nicer syncing, uploading and downloading from Linux).
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    Windows XP Home and Mac OSX.2.6 on a TiBook.

    The windows platform has been much more dependable from a sync standpoint for me.
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    Windows XP on the desktop; Windows Server 2003 on the server.
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