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    I've accepted that the LCD screen is hard to see outside, as a trade-off for color versus black & white. But I don't understand why the screen polarity is 90 degrees off. For example, all watches, car radios, and other LCD displays that I know have the polarity oriented so you can read them with sunglasses. With my treo, I have to turn it sideways to read the screen when in the car! (polarized sunglasses are all oriented in one direction, I think, to maximize their effect on glare from the water).

    Anyone know why the treo display is oriented this way?
    David Klein
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    I wear polarized sunglasses and don't get that effect. They actually seem to help me see the screen in the car with the top down. I do get some moire fringe type stuff in the corners.

    Try checking someone else's Treo out and see if it does the same thing.

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